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According to the country the speed of population aging is so different. In Japan, it has been very fast for these 60 years. In Sweden, it had been so fast until 1985 and after 15-year-interval, it is increasing again for these 20 years. In United States, it is increasing in consistent low speed. However, the number of aged people is increasing almost all countries in the world.

The disease prevalence in elderly and in child is high. The prevalence of chronic diseases is increase according to aging and chronic disease increases the risk for acute diseases. It means the increase of elderly results the increase utilization of medical service both in encounter and hospitalization. It is still difficult to cure chronic diseases completely. The rapid improvement of medicine, we can control the symptoms of chronic disease and its progress. It is very good for patient and it results in the increase of patient number and care costs.

I cannot distinguish the increase of medical expense from economical growth. According to the development of medical science the cost of medicine is increasing which results in waste of cost if it does not fit for a patient. The response to medicine may be defined by our gene and we cannot afford gene related personalized medicine until yet. Moreover, personalized gene sometimes results in untoward results. To reduce waste and error is very important. For these purpose we need systematic two approaches, that is, improvement approach and remodeling approach.

Improvement approach

To improve medical service, we have to know the structure of the present medical service system and the performance our medical service achieved. There are more than 300,000 diseases or syndromes and each diseases of syndromes have several stages. According to modern statistical approach we have developed a lot of care methods for each diseases and stages and personal preference. It means there are a lot of medical services and it may difficult to understand care variations precisely even the professionals.

Don't worry about theses complicated medicine. To improve medical system, we only have to know the outline of medical services. 

Acute care and long term care

Long term care means care provided with more than 3 months stay in hospital or related institutes.


Medical care is composed with "cure", "reduction of suffering", "disease control", "acceptance", and "management of daily life and environment including human relations". In most case care-givers aim several of these elements at once. 

Medical statistics

Logic model

Remodeling approach

Value graph