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Clinical Epidemiology is based on disease statistics and demography. To control disease, we have to intervene in environmental factors, human relations, social supports, life style, policy and so on. That is, we have to have close relation to politics and educations for improvement of clinical epidemiology. 

To promote clinical epidemiology we have provided SHACHI and SHACHI-Brain.

Let's promote clinical epidemiology for the good society in 2050, when the most of countries in the world will face to severe population aging.


This homepage is personal organized by Shinsuke Fujita.

Computer Science

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Clinical Statistics

Statistical reports and database from the Japanese Government, OECD, and WHO are very useful. To get daily living data we have been providing SHACHI (PHR) and SHACHI-Brain (EHR and PHR integration).


Personal Health Records: PHR

 Electrical Health Records: EHR  


Named from the capital letters "Social Health Assist Chiba". In disease control especially for chronic diseases, we should improve social support. Japanese word "SHACHI" is "orca" in English.

SHACHI is one of PHR system and it is integrated by SHACHI-Brain with other PHR systems and EHR systems.


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Political Science

We want to promote public health in the future. As ancient Chinese said "To know the future we have to learn from the history". 

Demographic Modern History

After the World War 2, we can analyze precise demographic data in many countries. Historical events such as war, natural disaster, pandemic, and economic crisis mark their foot print on demography. I We can estimate the impact of historical events with demographic data. I cannot find this kind of science and named "Demogrhaic Modern History".

Value graph and Logic model

According with population aging and the development of medicine, total cost for health of nation is increasing year by year. To reduce waste in health sector, the most of countries have reduced the total number of beds in hospitals and shortened the length of hospital stay. We use logic model for these kind of improvement process for scientific health policy. We need "revolutionary" change in some health sector such as medical service in the end of life, or health information sharing. We recommend to apply value graph in the field where we need revolutionary change.